Droits des passagers aériens sur l'annulation de vol

Rules of compensation and assistance to passengers

European Union legislation protects air passengers through Regulation EC 261/2004, passed in 2004. This regulation governs the compensation that passengers are entitled to receive from airlines if their flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked.

Regulation EC 261/2004 mainly applies to all flights departing from an airport in the European Union. It also applies to flights that land in the European Union if they are operated by a European Union carrier.

The guiding principles of compensation after your flight

You are entitled to compensation in an amount depending on the length of the flight and your flight destination. The regulation also takes account of the circumstances of the cancellation, delay or overbooking..

If your flight is cancelled, you are entitled to services intended to make your wait less difficult.

Vols concernés
Départ du vol Vers un Pays de l'UE Vers un pays extérieur à l'UE
UE + Norvège, Island et Suisse Toutes les compagnies aériennes Companies aériennes d'un pays de l'UE uniquement
Autres pays Companies aériennes d'un pays de l'UE uniquement -

Specificity: for departures from an airport outside the EU, the rules of compensation are those of the departure country, if it has passed the relevant regulations.

You are entitled to a reimbursement or a re-routing

  • re-routing as soon as possible
  • reimbursement for the part of the flight you did not take.

In case of delayed departure, only a delay of more than five hours gives you the right to abandon your travel.

You are entitled to assistance

While you are waiting for a re-routing flight to your destination, the air carrier must inform you and offer you assistance as follows:

  • refreshments or meals
  • two communications (e-mail, fax, two phone calls)
  • accommodation (and transport between the place of accommodation and the airport), if the departure cannot take place before the following day.

You are entitled to compensation

This compensation is due, unless the air carrier is able to prove that the cancellation is due to "extraordinary circumstances".
The compensation must be paid in cash, by bank transfer or by cheque or, in case of a signed agreement by the passenger, in the form of travel vouchers or other services.

Montant de l'indemnisation
Trajet jusqu'à 1500 km 250 €
Trajet de 1500 à 3500 km 400 €
Trajet de plus de 3500 km 600 € *

* Particularités : pour les vols vers les DOM TOM comme Paris Fort-de-France, Paris Point à Pitre, Paris Saint Denis de la Réunion, le montant de l'indemnisation est de 400€ maximum.

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