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June 2015 - Air travel forecasts

June 2015 - Air travel forecasts

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Each month, we inform you of general airline market trends to shed light on this changing market.

Here is an overview in three key points:
1 - Air traffic trends 
2 - Flight delay statistics
3 - Changes in air transport prices.
1 - Air traffic trends *
Passenger traffic rose in June with a 1.1% increase in the number of passengers as compared to June 2014. 
At the end of the first half of the year, there was a 2.4% increase and a new high was reached, with over 70 million travellers in 6 months (70.6 million air passengers).
Domestic traffic fell by 3.1%. The drop in air traffic reached 3.6% in mainland France. Traffic between mainland France and French Overseas Territories fell by 2.1% but travel within the Overseas Territories climbed 2.8%. 
International traffic for its parthas climbed 2.2%, reaching 5.1% for flights within the European Union.
2 - Flight delay statistics*
There was an improvement in flight delay indicators in June 2015: the proportion of flights delayed by more than 15 minutes at departure fell by 3.7 points compared to June 2014 and stands at 23,3%; the duration of the average delay shrank by 3 minutes to 12.8 minutes.
                        June 2015          June 2014          The last twelve months 
Flights delayed by more than 15 min             23.3%                  27.0%                     22.6%                 
Average delay (all flights)                      12.8 min              15.8 min                  12.9 min   
The delays are calculated for departures, for passenger flights only, for all causes (delay > 15 min for the proportion of late flights and all flights for average delay). 
3 - Changes in air transport prices. **
New reduction in plane ticket prices for departure from France in June 2015 as compared to June 2014
Compared to June 2014, there has been a 5% rise in prices on the domestic network and a 1.8% fall in price for flights departing from mainland France, thanks to the international network and in particular a drop in prices observed in the middle-distance network (- 5.4% in June).
Characteristics of French Overseas Territories 
Departures from France. + 3.2% increase in prices for flights to Overseas Territories. For departures from Overseas Territories, air ticket prices increased overall by 4.5%, soaring +12.5% for flights from Guadeloupe and + 7.9% for flights from Martinique.
Reunion has not been affected. There has been a 3.2% drop in prices. 

*TendanCiel No. 22 - French commercial traffic indicator. Published on 20/07/2015 by the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable development and Energy on
** Passenger Air Transport Price Indices, June 2015 Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable development and Energy - Directorate-General for Civil Aviation, DGAC

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