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Has your flight been cancelled or overbooked? Then take the right steps at the airport.

Has your flight been cancelled or overbooked? Then take the right steps at the airport.

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Here is our practical advice for the summer holidays. 

You booked your dream trip after spending quite a bit of time on travel websites to find the fares suitable for your budget. You are at the airport, ready for departure after packing your suitcase, putting your papers together (passport and or identity card and visa) and organising your transfer by shuttle, taxi or by touring car with driver. You have even gone ahead and pre-registered on your flight (48 to 24 hours before departure depending on the carrier) to confirm that you will take the flight, chosen your seat and obtained your boarding pass, which is mandatory for boarding. So when you reach the airport, you only have to go to the "baggage drop-off" to leave you baggage. The great day of departure comes at last. You go to the airport a little early to be sure not to miss your flight, and what happens? You are surprised to find out on the display screen that your flight has been delayed or even cancelled!
What should you do if your flight is cancelled, delayed or overbooked?
Bear in mind first of all that European regulations (regulation 216/2004) protect air passengers and provides for the payment of fixed compensation by the air carrier depending, among other things, on the duration of the flight and the duration of the delay.
To receive your compensation, it is crucial to prepare a complete file. The more evidence your have, the better you will be able to prove the delay, the cancellation or the overbooking of your flight. That way, it will be easier and quicker to win your case with the air carrier.
Make the right choice!  
-the boarding pass : sometimes the air carrier issues you a paper boarding pass but when the flight is cancelled or delayed, it takes the boarding pass back. So we suggest that before you give back the boarding pass, you take a photo of it. It is often printed on thermal paper which has the disadvantage of being extremely prone to deterioration by air, friction and light. Keep your boarding pass in a dry place away from light and avoid folding it. The print fades quickly from this type of paper.
-Take a photo of the display screen showingthe flights at the airport and the delay or cancellation of your flight. 
- Ask for a certificate from the personnel of the air carrier.
- Maintain contact with other passengers by taking their contact details: Surname, first name, telephone number and e-mail address.
- Keep the baggage tags with bar codes issued by the air carrier during boarding. 
- Keep the receipts for your purchases : meals, hotel stays, shuttle and car hire. Expenditure following the change of the carrier contract are refundable.
How do you claim your compensation? 
Nothing is simpler. file your claim with advisers with all the collected documents. It is free of charge. Our experts will check the eligibility of the flight concerned. Throughout the procedure, they will be in touch with you by e-mail and/or telephone to keep you informed of progress in your case.
We charge a commission of 25% of the total amount of the claim obtained, but only if the claim is paid. This means that you pay nothing in advance. We promise to pay you quickly, i.e. within 7 days of payment by the air carrier.
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