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Compensation rights of air passengers

Compensation rights of air passengers

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Has your flight been delayed or cancelled following your air travel? 

Bear in mind that the European Union (Regulation 261/2004) provides for compensation of 250 to 600 euros in the event of flight delays, overbooking or cancellations. The compensation varies according to the distance and the duration of the delay.

Why call upon Air Indemnité's experts ? 

Although airline companies are obliged to inform and compensate you, it is very difficult to win a case with them. That's what the Air-Indemnité experts are there for. They will help you to exercise your rights. 
How do you do it?

File your case on our website. It is free of charge. We will check the eligibility of the flight in question. Afterwards, throughout the process, our experts will keep you informed by e-mail and/or telephone of the progress of your case. Resolution time varies with the air carrier and the complexity of the case. 

We charge a commission of 25% of the total amount of the claim obtained, but only if the claim is paid. This means that you pay nothing in advance. We promise to pay you quickly, i.e. within 7 days of payment by the air carrier.
Useful information 

You have up to three years after a flight delay and up to five years fora flight cancellation to file your claim.
Keep your electronic tickets, evidence of purchase and other documentary evidence, such as the boarding pass. It will always come in handy. 
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